I started out making short films with my brother and my friend. The original channel was named Crazy Short Films And Vlogs, which was me and my brothers channel. I decided for my 3rd video I would do a vlog. I started to do more vlogs until one day I told my brother that I would create him his own channel as I was renaming our channel to my channel and changing everything. Once the channel was mine I started doing daily vlogs. I still did short films but mainly did vlogs. I did vlogs up until Christmas. Over Christmas I stopped vlogging and then shortly after Christmas I went on holiday so I never vlogged. I got back from holiday and then went on another holiday. When I got back from my holiday it was only a few days away from my birthday. I had forgotten about vlogging then and never vlogged my birthday. A few weeks later after school went back I decided to do a vlog so I am now vlogging again. I decided to make my channel better so I started selling merch and making music. And that is how I started my YouTube channel. You can also join the official discord server here: https://discord.gg/Vn86k3e

You can check the server out here